Personal branding photoshoot.

Last week I did a photoshoot with Felicia Schütte. This time the model was………me.

I often do hair & makeup for photography but rarely have my own pictures taken. But now it was time because I recently opened my hair salon, started my new website,

7bd5557b-d936-4528-87b9-b428d39555d8Instagram account etcetera. I needed some great personal branding images which represent who I am and what I stand for.


When Felicia arrived, she set up the lights. We chose a few different outfits and I did my hair and makeup to finish the look. Felicia guided me in taking different poses. We took the fan out of my house and put it in the hair salon to create pictures with blowing hair which looked great.


We had a lot of fun and Felicia made me feel at ease. Actually, she did better: she made me feel like a super model:-)

Hope you like the pictures. You can check out Felicia’s work HERE and HERE. Soon Felicia and I will start a ‘personal branding’ service for those of you who are interested in having great personal branding images.

Have a great week!b306afdc-8099-47b1-bec8-47071e2d122f



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